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Schools and Departments

The basic autonomous academic units of the University are the Departments, which reflect the traditional division of the various fields of science; they offer both undergraduate and postgraduate study programmes and award the corresponding degrees. Groups of related Departments form Schools, which represent the wider areas and fields of knowledge.

The teaching language in the University of Ioannina is Greek. Occasionally, exchange students (i.e. Erasmus) may be allowed to carry out assignments in English (or another language) or attend tutorials (in small groups or individual sessions) led by members of the academic staff.

There are no tuition fees charged to students (Greek, international or exchange students).











* The information on the Departments is set out as provided by the Heads of the Departments and the Secretaries Offices.

The University of Ioannina is divided into the following Schools and Departments:

School of Philosophy

Department of Philology
Department of History and Archaeology
Department of Philosophy, Education and Psychology

School of Sciences

Department of Mathematics
Department of Physics
Department of Chemistry
Department of Computer Science and Engineering

School of Education

Department of Primary School Education
Department of Pre-School Education

School of Health Sciences

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Biological Applications & Technologies

School of Sciences and Technologies

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Department of Biological Applications and Technologies

Independent (Non-School) Departments

Department of Economics

School of Fine Arts

Department of Fine Arts and Sciences of Arts

School of Natural Resources and Enterprises Management
(located in Agrinio)

Department of Business Administration of Food and Agricultural Products
Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Management

Independent (Non-School) Department
(located in Agrinio)
Department of Cultural Heritage Management and New Technologies

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