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University Administrative Services

Principal University Officer: Loukas - Nikitas Papaloukas
General Director of Administration & Academic Affairs: Erminia Varotsi

1. University Administrative Support Services

The Principal Officer is head of the administrative, financial and technical services of the University.

General Directorate of Administrative Services and Academic Affairs
The General Directorate of Administrative Services and Academic Affairs includes the following Directorates:
a) Administration Directorate
b) Education Directorate
c) International and Public Relations Directorate
d) Student Welfare Directorate

Administration Directorate
The Administration Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Members of Academic Staff Office
b) Administrative Personnel Office
c) University Bodies Office
d) Administrative Support Office
e) Archives Office

Education Directorate
The Education Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Undergraduate Studies Office
b) Postgraduate Studies Office
c) Publications Office

International and Public Relations Directorate
The International and Public Relations Directorate is structured as follows:
a) International Relations Office
b) Public Relations and Protocol Office
c) Museum and Historical Archives Office

Student Welfare Directorate
The Student Welfare Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Catering Services Office
b) Welfare and Social Events Office
c) Health Care Office

General Directorate of Financial Management, Planning and Development
The General Directorate of Financial Management, Planning and Development includes the following Directorates:
a) Financial Management Directorate
b) Organisational Development Directorate
c) Informatics Directorate

Financial Management Directorate
The Financial Management Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Finance Office
b) Payroll Office
c) Procurement Office
d) Legacy - Assets Office
e) Treasury Office

Organisational Development Directorate
The Organisational Development Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Statistics Office
b) Planning - Organisation Office

Informatics Directorate
The Informatics Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Computer Operation Office
b) Computer Office
c) Office for Operating Data Entry Equipment
The Network Operations Centre also falls under the Informatics Directorate.

Technical Services Directorate
The Technical Services Directorate is structured as follows:
a) Research Office
b) Project Execution Office
c) Maintenance Office
d) Secretary's Office

University Library Directorate
Publications Office (Printing Service)
Rector's Council
Research Committee
Schools Administration

Academic Departments Administration
Principal Officer
Legal Adviser's Office
Farm Exploitation Office


2. Other Services and Facilities

The Careers Office offers support to students in terms of career planning, further study and employment consultancy.
For more information please contact the Careers Office at
Tel.: +30 26510 98454, 98460,
Fax: +30 26510 98686,
e-mail:, or visit

The Liaison Office aims at linking the academic community with industry in an attempt to enhance the research potential of the University of Ioannina.
For more information please contact the Liaison Office at
Tel.:+30 26510 97685, 97681,
Fax: +30 26510 97673,
e-mail:, or visit

The Counselling Centre offers confidential support services and personal counselling to students facing various long-standing problems or immediate crises. In certain cases, and always with the student's consent, the counselors work closely with officers of other related services such as the Careers Office in order to resolve these problems.
For more information please contact the Counselling Centre at
Tel.: +30 26510 96600,
e-mail:, or visit

The University Publications Office (Printing Service) covers student needs with regard to the publication of textbooks and university notes it also prints the University of Ioannina magazine entitled Iris, and produces other related scientific or cultural material.
The University Bookstore displays a large collection of academic books published by the teaching and research staff of the University.

Computer Centre and Network Operations Centre:
These Centres provide computing and networking services. Computing services are also provided by the individual Departments. The computer workstations can be used individually or in groups and assistance is always available from the Centres' staff. The facilities include PC networks and UNIX workstations with a wide range of software (word processors, spreadsheets, drawing packages, databases, programming languages, Internet tools, etc.), as well as access to powerful computer systems with specialised software packages and a host of printing and plotting equipment.
Easy access to computer services is available on campus, even from the rooms in the residence halls, via the network installed on campus, or via phone lines off campus.
The system supports connections with other national or international networks.
Students register for a computer account and are provided with a personal e-mail address and unlimited access to the Internet.

International Centre of Hellenic Education-Culture & Vocational Training "Stavros S. Niarchos": (
The Centre was generously funded by the 'Stavros S. Niarchos Foundation' and started operating in 2005 - on the University campus premises. The Centre was designed to house the following actions:

- The Centre for Teaching of the Greek Language and Culture (HeLaS) (The Centre for the Study of Hellenic Language and Culture) which was established following the 1996 decision of the Senate of the University of Ioannina. However, teaching the Hellenic language as a second/foreign language at the University of Ioannina essentially began in the academic year 1991-1992 with the implementation of open educational programmes aiming at the promotion of the Greek language and culture worldwide.
The Centre aims at taking action in the fields of research and teaching in order to promote the Hellenic language and culture through distance and lifelong learning modes, and to implement educational programmes for educators who teach the Hellenic language as a second language. In addition, it encourages cooperation with bodies and institutions which express an interest in the Hellenic language and its dissemination abroad, and provides academic support to worldwide research in the field of Greek studies.
The following programmes are on offer:
- An eight-month course (October - May per academic year).
- Monthly summer courses (held simultaneously at the Centre and at its branch in the Prefecture of Preveza).
- One or two-month courses, organised upon request and collaboration with educational institutions abroad, such as the University of Washington, Seattle (USA), and the Asia Education Foundation (Australia).
Apart from teaching, the Centre is also active in research (on dialects and production of teaching material) and cultural fields.
In the academic year 2003-2004 the Centre was designated as an official examination centre for the Certificate of Attainment in the Hellenic Language, under the aegis of the Centre for the Hellenic Language of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs.
For more information please contact the Centre for Teaching of the Greek Language and Culture (HeLaS) at
Tel.: +30 26510 09135, 09147, 09150,
Fax: +30 26510 09229,
e-mail:, or visit

- The Vocational Training Centre which implements vocational training seminars and participates in European consortia in the framework of projects concerning life-long learning.
For more information please contact the Vocational Training Centre at
Tel.: +30 26510 69124, 69131, 69141, Fax: +30 26510 69230
e-mail:, or visit

- The Hellenic Open University (HOU). The HOU has selected Ioannina - and 7 other Greek cities - to implement a certain number of tutorials for each module its students follow.
- A Conference Centre which consists of a Conference Hall, and a number of seminar rooms and workshops.
- A Guest House with a small number of rooms for visitors staying for short periods of time. Visitors range from guests of students to new members of staff and visiting academics. Booking well in advance is highly recommended.
For more information please contact the International & Public Relations Directorate at
Tel.: +30 26510 97264, 97519, 97107, Fax: +30 26510 97024
e-mail:,, or visit

Biomedical Research Institute
The Institute was founded in 1998 and has since been providing a flexible scientific environment for research on biomedical sciences and medical technology. It is part of a wider system of Research Institutes under the aegis of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development.
The Ioannina Biomedical Research Institute is currently conducting research in the fields of molecular medicine and biomedical technology, since the study of human biology and disease is now at the core of advances in biology and medicine.

Science and Technology Park
The Science and Technology Park is an anonymous company and is housed in the grounds of the University campus. The University of Ioannina is a shareholder in the Science and Technology Park, which provides space and infrastructure to companies that wish to expand their activities, gain access to international markets and develop innovative technologies.
The companies participating or intending to participate in the Science and Technology Park have the opportunity to benefit from the customised development support in combination with the possibilities for high-level technological research and new product development offered by the academic units of the University of Ioannina.

Hall of Art and Culture
The Hall of Art and Culture is housed in the building of the residence halls and has hosted a wide range of cultural and intellectual events such as film screenings (with limited distribution as well as mainstream films), theatre and musical performances.

Sports facilities
Sports facilities include an athletic track and field stadium, outdoor tennis, basketball and volleyball courts and an indoor gym with a seating capacity of 1,000 spectators. An indoor swimming pool at the city residence halls is also available to the students and faculty members.

Student Organisations and Clubs
The University of Ioannina has a bustling student community, which offers plenty of opportunity for extra-curricular activities.
The social activities the students can engage in cover a wide range of interests such as fine arts, photography, voluntary blood donation, community services etc.
The following student organisations thrive at the University of Ioannina today:

Residence Hall Students Association
Student Health Service
Counselling Student Service
Voluntary Student Blood Donation Group
The University of Ioannina Theatrical Group
The University of Ioannina Film Screening Group
The University of Ioannina Dance Group
The University of Ioannina Photography Club
The University of Ioannina Association of Students against Drug Abuse
Scientific Association of Greek Medical Students
International Committee of Greek Medical Students

Student Unions
All students are entitled to register as members in their Department's Student Union (either undergraduate or postgraduate level).
In accordance with the national legislation, representatives from the Student Unions participate in the University's Administrative Bodies.
The University of Ioannina provides students with access to an additional range of facilities including an Aquatic Biology Research Centre, a Museum of Ancient Greek and Byzantine Casts and Copies, a Folklore Museum, an Observatory, a Meteorological Station and an experimental Animal Facility.


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