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University of Ioannina

The University of Ioannina was founded in 1964. In 1970 became an independent Higher Education Institution, which grew rapidly in the coming years.

Today, the University of Ioannina includes 17 academic Departments which altogether number 13,523 undergraduate students. A number of organised postgraduate study programmes are on offer that combine taught and research elements both at Master's and Doctoral level. Approximately 1,300 students are involved in full-time study mode progressing to a Master's degree, while 2,217 students are currently pursuing their studies at Doctoral level.

Introducing the University of Ioannina

Rectorate Greeting

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the official website of the University of Ioannina. These pages are designed to help you familiarise yourself with the UoI experience and provide all the necessary information on the educational, scientific, research, administrative, and in general, the whole spectrum of activities of the Institution.

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Information about:


Schools and Departments

The basic autonomous academic units of the University are the Departments, which reflect the traditional division of the various fields of science. Groups of related Departments form Schools, which represent the wider areas and fields of knowledge.

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Foreign Students Admission

Foreign students can only be admitted to Higher Education in Greece, and thus to the University of Ioannina or any of the other 21 Higher Education Institutions, through the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, Directorate of Organising and Conducting Examinations.

General Instructions

Exchange Programme

Erasmus Programme

The University of Ioannina currently has formal exchange agreements with a large number of Universities - in mainland Europe - through the well-established ERASMUS programme of the European Commission. The University of Ioannina welcomes foreign students who wish to expand their academic horizons by spending a semester or a year studying in Ioannina

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