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Useful Links

Science and Technology Park
The Science and Technology Park is an anonymous company and is housed in the grounds of the University campus. The University of Ioannina is a shareholder in the Science and Technology Park, which provides space and infrastructure to companies that wish to expand their activities, gain access to international markets and develop innovative technologies
Gastric Breast Cancer Network Center
Dedicated to information, education and translational clinical research on breast cancer and gastric cancer.
CERP - Chemistry Education: Research and Practice
is a peer-reviewed electronic journal available, free of charge, on the Internet. [Formerly: Chemistry Education: Research and Practice in Europe (CERAPIE)].
International Hellenic University
The International Hellenic University (IHU) is Greece's first public university where programmes are exclusively taught in English.
(Established by Law No. 3391 October 2005).


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