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University Library and Information Centre

The University of Ioannina has the largest, in terms of effective surface area (14,500 sq. m. divided into six storeys), single library in Greece, which has been named the "The University of Ioannina Library and Information Centre" due to the wide use of information technology.

The equipment of the "The University of Ioannina Library and Information Centre" meets all international specifications regarding Academic Libraries and includes 31 workstations, 504 reading stations, a contemporary 120-seat auditorium, an Art Gallery Exhibition Room, a Seminar Room with a seating capacity of 20 people, 12 carrels, etc.

Users are able to make full use of the library, checking availability on the online library catalogue (OPAC) and benefiting from the photocopying, reservations and online services. The professionally qualified librarians run introductory training sessions on information handling techniques and assist the users with their enquiries.

The Library's services include: book loaning from its extensive collection or from other libraries in Greece (Interlibrary Loan), reading rooms, access to international information sources via the Internet, as well as to digitised material of the University of Ioannina, electronic catalogue databases, access to Greek and foreign library catalogues, use of photocopy machines, etc.

Library users include all members of the academic community of the University of Ioannina, namely: members of the academic, research and administrative staff, students, postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers, visiting Professors and exchange students. The Library services are also accessible to the general public.

The library is governed by a set of regulations to which every user must conform. These are accessible at the website

At present, the University Library is a well-stocked library housing substantial collections of books, journals and related material that cover the fields of: Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Biological Applications and Technologies, Materials Science and Engineering, Economics, Computer Science, Plastic Arts and Art Sciences, Primary and Pre-School Education, Philosophy, Education and Psychology. The bibliographical processing and incorporation of material housed at present at the Seminar Rooms of the Departments of Philology and History & Archaeology, as well as the library of the Department of Mathematics, is planned to be concluded within 2006.

In the immediate future, special emphasis will be placed on the development of a Student Collection, which will include multiple copies of books related to the course lectures delivered in all Departments, on the creation of a collection of talking books (specially designed for visually impaired people), etc.

The University Library has a substantial collection of scientific books and textbooks, scientific journals, newspapers, all kinds of digital and audiovisual material, encyclopaedias, dictionaries, indexes, books that can be borrowed by students, as well as electronic information sources which support the educational and research needs of the academic community of the University of Ioannina. The library also owns a significant collection in Braille as well as equipment that can be used by visually impaired people.

Its collections also include a significant number of scientific journals and databases of the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEALLINK), which can be accessed via the Internet, as well as a collection of digitised documents (journal articles, books, etc.) which are produced by the expert librarians.

The Library's postal address is:
The University of Ioannina Library and Information Centre, Ioannina University Campus, GR 451 10 Ioannina, Greece
Tel.: +30 26510 95958,
Fax: +30 26510 95096,
e-mail:, Website:

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