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The University Campus

The University premises are situated in one of the largest campuses of Greece, an attractive location about six kilometers from the centre of Ioannina. The University is easily accessible from the city by bus or by car.

The Campus is set in 350 hectares with extensive green areas surrounding the building complexes, which house the University Schools and Services.

The buildings, covering a total area of 170,000 sq. m., boast modern lecture halls, student and research laboratories, offices and a central library. Lectures with large audiences are delivered in the auditoriums, whereas scientific conferences and other events take place in the Conference Centre of the recently-constructed building complex of the School of Medicine.

Two large building complexes house the residence halls and a multi-purpose building accommodates the Student Refectory and the Main Ceremony Hall. The same building houses "Phegos", the restaurant where the academic community as well as visitors can enjoy a good meal or celebrate special occasions, such as graduation days.

One of the most beautiful sites on campus is the old Monastery of Agios Georgios of Dourouti, which was built in the 18th century and is picturesquely perched on the hillside overlooking the campus. The Monastery has been restored and today is used as the University's Cultural Centre.


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