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The Network of Research Supporting Laboratories at the University of Ioannina

A Laboratory Network has been established in the University of Ioannina, with the goal to encourage the basic and applied research carried out in various academic Departments. This endeavor was initially funded in 1999 by the Regional Operational Program (ROP) of Epirus and continues to receive financial support from the General Secretariat of the Epirus Region, the Univeristy of Ioannina and other funding sources.

The Network aims primarily:

  • to promote large-scale research activities focusing on cutting-edge scientific fields,

  • to enhance cooperation between research groups within the University of Ioannina,

  • to improve the scientific research impact of the University of Ioannina,

  • to increase effectiveness in receiving research funding,

  • to support educational activities at the undergraduate and post graduate level.

  • As part of its strategic policy, the University of Ioannina makes constant provision for expanding the Network's infrastructure, for providing the Network with expert scientific and technical staff and carrying out evaluation procedures. 


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    UoI-Lab-Net Guide [2010]



    Last Update: November 2016