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Evaluation Procedures



Evaluation Procedures

Evaluation 2010

According to the Network Statutes, evaluation procedures are to be conducted on a regular basis, addressing the quality of services provided by the Network Laboratories, as well as their scientific impact on research carried out in the University of Ioannina.

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UoI-Lab-Net Guide [2010]


The most recent evaluation was performed at the beginning of 2010 by internal Evaluation Committees, appointed by the University Senate Research Council. A series of evaluation criteria were adopted for all participating Laboratories, with special focus on the research field covered by each Laboratory, the competence in infrastructure and manpower, the number and variety of researchers interested in using each Laboratory, the scientific impact of provided services, the contribution to educational activities, the future perspectives etc.     


In the final Evaluation Report, recommendations are given concerning the Laboratories that fulfill the above criteria and should be part of the Network, the Laboratories that fail to meet these criteria and should be excluded and the Laboratories that should put additional effort to meet the criteria before being re-evaluated.      


Generic issues have also been considered and the Evaluation Committees  made a series of suggestions, such as setting a Code of Operating Rules for the Network Laboratories, initiating procedures for designating expert scientific and technical personnel, ensuring alternative funding to cover operating costs, pursuing the expansion of the Network and the enhancement of the existing infrastructure. 


All recommendations and suggestions were approved by the University Senate and follow-up actions are already in place. 



Final Evaluation Report 2010 [3.8 Mb], in Greek



Evaluation 2016

An Evaluation process of the Network activity covering the period 2010-2016 is currently underway.  


Last Update: November 2016