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All the Departments of the University are divided into Sections, whichcover more specialized areas of science.

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  Departments constitute the basic autonomous academic units of the University. Reflecting the traditional division into the various branches of knowledge, they offer undergraduate and graduate programmes. and they grant respective degrees. Related Departments are grouped into Schools, representing broader areas of knowledge.

History and Archaeology

Science and Technology

Materials Science and Engineering
Biological Applications and Technology
Indepedent Departments

Art Sciences
Natural Sciences

Computer Science

Primary Education
Pre-School Education
Special Education
Natural Resource
and Entreprize Management
(located in the city of Agrinio, 200 km south of Ioannina)
Environment and Natural Resources Management
Farm Organization and Management
Besides the traditional programmes, the University offers Undergraduate Elective Study Programmes with a degree or certificate option, as well as Inter-Departmental Graduate Study Programmes leading to M.Sc or Ph.D degrees.
Graduate Study Programmes

See alsoPostgraduate Studies

Elective Study Programmes

Applied Agroecology
Science and Culture

European Programmes 

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