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   With high academic standards to maintain, the University is supported by first-class academic facilities.


All the Departments have their own libraries comprising a total of 300,000 books and 1,750 current subscriptions to periodicals, and a seating capacity for 700 people. A new Central Library is under construction and will improve the University facilities by enabling on-line research of all books and journals available in the University.
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Computers and Networking:

Computing and networking services are available through the Computer Centre and the Network Operation Centre of the University. Local computing facilities are also provided by the Departments.
The Computer Centre provides comprehensive computing facilities, which are open to all students of the University. Workstations can be used individually or in small groups with expert advice and support readily available. The facilities include networks of personal computers and UNIX workstations with a wide range of software (word processors, spreadsheets, drawing packages, databases, programming languages, web browsers, etc.), access to powerful computer systems with specialist application software and a variety of printing and plotting services.
The computing services are easily accessed from any network connection on campus even from the rooms of the residence halls or through telephone-modem connections from outside the University Campus. Connections with national and international networks are also supported, while students are assigned personal e-mail accounts and have access to the Internet.


Other Facilities:

In addition to the above, the University operates the centre for the Aquatic Biology research, a museum of ancient Greek and Byzantine Casts and Copies, a Folklore museum, an Observatory, a Meteorological Station and an experimental Animal Facility.


Laboratory Networks:

Recently, a Network of research laboratories has been established, including X-ray, NMR, electron microscopy, laser and other facilities.

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