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International Student Exchange Programmes

A number of foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students are currently enrolled at the various Departments of the University of Ioannina. Every year the Hellenic Ministry of Education organises special entrance examinations for foreign students who wish to pursue a course of study at a Greek University. Postgraduate students are accepted in the various programmes through applications directly to the Departments. SSF usually provides scholarships after examinations.
The University of Ioannina also accepts a number of exchange students under the various Student Exchange Programmes of the European Union, such as SOCRATES / Erasmus, Tempus, Leonardo Da Vinci, to name a few.
An adequate number of rooms is usually provided to accommodate almost all the foreign student visitors. Free meals are also provided to all international students by the students' restaurant on Campus.
Courses are conducted in Greek and the foreign students at the University of Ioannina are required to attend a one semester intensive course in the Greek Language. The Elective Study Programmes can be conducted in other languages, usually English.


Centre for the Study of Greek Language and Culture (CSGLC)

The aim of the Centre is to support the dissemination of the Greek language and culture in and outside Greece and the teaching of modern Greek language to foreign students of the University of Ioannina and immigrants. It also intends to organize special seminars and conferences on issues related to the methods of teaching Greek as a second language, providing practice and training to the instructors of modern Greek in schools and other institutions.
A further purpose of the centre is to produce handbooks and other teaching material (CD-ROMS, tapes, films) to help students and instructors, and to support Greek communities abroad in their effort to preserve the Greek language and culture. In this way, the CSGLC constitutes an essential component of the University of Ioannina for the creation of favorable conditions which will lead to the promotion of mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation among people and nations in a multinational, multicultural and multilingual European and global community.




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